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Memory Care & Assisted Living in Garden Ridge

Lillian’s 99th Birthday

A few months ago, we introduced you all to our resident Lillian. She was about to turn 99 and celebrate her birthday on a cruise. Well, we wanted to share a few photos of her celebrating on the cruise. She had so much fun with her family. There is no better way to celebrate life than doing the things you love no matter how young you are. She enjoyed tasty food, bingo, sitting pool side watching her family, and beautiful sunsets. These are just a few of the activities she engaged in. Her granddaughter Lilli Ann was her cabin mate and they palled around together the whole time. Two peas in a pod these two. She says she is happy to be home, but enjoyed her cruise and time with her family.

Meet Patti, Pat and Pam 

What makes our community so special is the residents, staff, and family members. I want to introduce two of our wonderful family members. Patti, the daughter of our resident Pat, and Pam, Patti’s dearest friend. These two ladies are extraordinary. They have donated so much of their time and efforts for our community. They have sponsored a car show, stepped in and taken over activities when the need has arisen, they have made numerous donations for various activity events, and assist with hostess duties for parties. They even understand the seriousness of bingo. When visiting ‘mom’ they not only check in on her, they visit with other residents, other family members, and staff. They are a true example of what “family” means in our community.

Meet Jennifer

 Jennifer has been with us since 2018, and has worked as a caregiver since 2016. Jennifer worked as a personal caregiver for a couple who moved to our community. This couple is who brought Jennifer to us, and we are so fortunate to have her. Jennifer says, ‘I love what I do, every day I go home with my heart full knowing that I made a difference in the residents lives, just by their smiles or them asking me to take them with me.’ When Jennifer is not at the community she enjoys music, especially the concerts she attends with her daughter, and spending time with her family. ‘This job has been very rewarding to me’ Jennifer stated, and it shows every day in her smile and the residents smiles.

Meet Laura 

Laura, our Resident Assistant Extraordinaire, has been with Sodalis at Garden Ridge for 12 years. When she first started working as a caregiver, she didn’t realize how much she would enjoy what she does. “I really didn’t know what the job entailed, but I have come to enjoy helping our seniors. You could say, I didn’t choose it, it chose me”.

When not at Sodalis providing wonderful care and lots of love to our residents, she is at home spending time with her family. Laura has been married for 18 years and has 2 beautiful children: a son, 17 and a daughter, 9. During the summer, Laura and her family take trips to the Texas beaches, or they travel out of state to Louisiana and California. Laura is special to us here at Sodalis, we are lucky to have her!

Meet Lillian 

In March, Lillian will be turning 99 years young! Her son says, “Mom, I’m taking you on a cruise for your birthday. Do you want to go for 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks, or a month?” Lillian replies, “ I want to cruise around the world.”  Well, they won’t be cruising around the world, but they will be going on at least a one week cruise, destination to be determined. This is one beautiful lady living life to its fullest!